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What's a Closure?

  1. What's a Closure?
  2. Variables and Values
  3. Defining Functions
  4. Side Effects
  5. Functions are Values
  6. Returning Functions
  7. Function Scope
  8. Nested Functions
  9. Stateful Closures
  10. Private Data
  11. Asynchronous Callbacks
  12. Continuation Passing


2011/8/26 Portuguese translation by Gianpaulo Soares.

2011/8/8 Mirrored site on www.NathansLessons.com. [Still not working everywhere, not sure what's up].

2011/8/6 Revamped the testing so that when equality checks fail it shows you the wrong value.

2011/8/6 Added the new logo. Isn't it pretty?

2011/8/5 Made the frontpage of Hacker News! Everyone loves closures.

2011/7/21 Submitted to Reddit programming! Yes, I am secretly a Redditor.

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